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Southern Alberta Women in Business (or SAWIB as it has so lovingly come to be known as) is an organization created  to provide education, mentorship and connection for ALL women across southern Alberta, regardless of the stage of business or industry they're in. But it is so much more than that. SAWIB is a place for you to find a mentor, future business partner, client, confidante or best friend. 

SAWIB provides:

  • Fun, connection-filled events

  • Educational seminars 

  • Mentorship

  • Networking

We believe that all women, in any stage of business are wothy of education, mentorship and most importantly, CONNECTION with other women just like them.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Southern Alberta Women in Business is dedicated to creating a culture of empowerment through education, mentorship and connection to support women in all areas and stages of business.



We are currently seeking new board members to fulfill one and two year terms. Please contact Heather at if you are interested in more information!

President: Heather Tytula
Vice President: Abigail Shakespeare
Secretary: Jackie Standing 
Treasurer: Kama McLafferty 

Gina Gurney 

Chelsea Peto  

Kate Dooks Marr 
Kyla King 
Olivia McLellan

Kristen Brown

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